Welcome to the Pizza Party!

NOTE: You can also WATCH VIDEO highlighting these tips & tactics.

The inspiration for our awesome and authentic make your own pizza kits came from the enjoyment our own families and friends experienced making pizzas from scratch using the finest pizzeria ingredients! Rolling out the dough, spreading the sauce, grating the cheese fresh off the block and applying toppings brought smiles to our faces, especially the kids! And best of all, it was an activity that brought everyone together!

We are super excited to offer these and here are some great tips and directions to get started once you order your kit!

The MN Table Pizza

The MN Table Make Your own Pizza Kit featuring Chanticlear Pizza & Dipping Sauce.

Tips to Get Started! 

When Your Kit Arrives:

  1. DOUGH BALLS: Depending on when you plan to make your pizza, the dough balls should be placed either in the freezer or refrigerator. If planning to use the same day they can be left on the counter to thaw, and will do so within a couple of hours. Use shortly after thawing.
  2. CHEESE, PEPPERONI & SPICE ‘SHAKER’: Place in the refrigerator immediately.
  3. SAUCE: No need for refrigeration until after opening.

Prepping For Your Pizza Party!

Thawing Dough Balls:
The biggest consideration with thawing dough balls is timing of use. The dough will behave differently based on how long after thawing it is used. Typically it is better to have a slow thawing process (freezer to fridge) but either method works.

Frozen to Counter (Room Temperature): Completely thawed in 2-3 hours. Use once the dough is at or near room temperature.

Frozen to Refrigerator: Once in refrigerator, plan at least 6 hours for thawing. Best to use soon after thawed and bring to room temperature or close prior to rolling out dough.


Rolling Out Dough For The Crust:
The recommended method is to lightly flour a counter and stretch the dough into the shape of your pizza. A rolling pin can be used to further flatten and to reach desired thickness and diameter. Have fun with this! There is no such thing as a perfect circle for a homemade pizza. Odd shapes are fun! However, make sure to not ‘overwork’ the dough, the less time you spend working it the better.

Family Fun Pizza Kit Dough Balls

The MN Table Family Fun Pizza Kit Dough Balls.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Parbake Crust PRIOR to Adding Sauce, Cheese & Toppings:
To prevent the dough crust from falling between the wire racks of a traditional residential oven, you need to parbake the crust as follows:
Preheat oven to 450. Transfer the rolled out dough/crust from the counter onto a cookie sheet that is also lightly floured to help prevent sticking. Bake at 450 for 5 minutes or until the crust has firmed up to the point it can support itself on the rack. Remove from oven and proceed with toppings!

Use approximately (3) tablespoons per 12” pizza (1 dough ball).

Grating Cheese:
Simply grate the cheese right onto the pizza and then spread out evenly. Our premium cheese doesn’t run off the edges so bring it to the corners!

Approximately 20 pepperonis per pizza and again, don’t be afraid to place them close to the edges, this actually helps hold the sauce and cheese in place!

Spread generously across the pizza prior to baking.

With the parbaked crust and toppings ready to bake, place the pizza back in the oven at 450 directly on the rack for another 6-8 minutes. All ovens bake differently. Final baking time is personal preference on how crispy you like the crust, golden you like the cheese and crispiness of toppings.


ENJOY! We hope you enjoy the Family Pizza Party experience as much as we do!
Thank you for being a MN Table customer!