Welcome To The MN Table!!

If fresh, chef-prepared meals at the tip of your fingertip sounds like what dinner is meant to be, then welcome to The Minnesota Table! We are passionate about the convenience of delivering quality meals to your doorstep! Meals that bring the joy of dinnertime without the stress and hassles of preparation! Our wholesome, delicious and high-quality meals are ready when you are, simply heat and eat! Each and every entrée is chef-prepared, nutritionally balanced and frankly, super good! Each meal includes three courses: an entree, salad and side dish. Best of all, each course can be ordered in three different sizes to satisfy every appetite, regardless of how many are gathered around your table!

Let us take the stress out of preparing for meal time so you can spend your time around the dinner table as you should, relaxed and enjoying an incredible meal with family and friends!

We release an exiting new menu each week and deliver on Mondays.  Order a meal for one night, or for each day of the week!

Brage Hanson – Founder & Owner

My background encompasses social work, financial services and nutrition coaching…but my most important role is that of a mother. Brian and I have a beautiful family with six children ages 27, 22, 21, 13, 8 and 5 in May and yes, everyone says the same thing when they hear this, yes, we are busy! Nutrition is very important to me. Food is medicine and is very important to our health and wellness.

So I love to feed my family well but time is of the essence and the kitchen is not my favorite place to reside. With a larger family, the prep and clean up of 3 meals at home can almost take the entire day. Or at least that is how it feels to me. My dream and vision are to alleviate the pressure, stress, and time needed to thoughtfully prepare nutritious meals. Let us take that off your plate!